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Warmth In The Snow

The second storm blew in late last night and fortunately lasted until noon. But it’s cold out there. The horses coats are thick and they have shelter but I always think of them when it’s snowing.

We took a walk to the pond on Sunday and the ground was blanketed with sparkling snow. The air was cold but the sun felt warm. Two of the horses were lying down basking in the sunshine while the other followed us. It was apparent that they all had been running that day for it was evident by the tracks in the snow.

With snowfall there is a stillness. Quiet. Even on days following with the sunshine, it’s as if nature is on pause for a short time. It isn’t really, it just feels that way. The pond had a thin sheet of ice that showed areas where thawing was occuring. Small dry twigs stuck up through the glittery snow stretching up awaiting Springtime. Barren oak trees stand covered in nothing but what little snow sticks to the topside of their branches. A cold breeze chilled my face. Pulling my hood up, I walked back toward the house along side the gelding. He shelters me from the gusts. At the gait, I scratched his warm back and shoulder. He curled his neck around me and I gently rubbed his nose. I think he knows when I am cold. No. He doesn’t. He wants a treat out of my pocket and expects me to massage his back as I always do. Spoiled horse.

I don’t mind the winter months too much but could do without the snow and ice. Next week promised to have warmer days and I promise to ride my very round horse and burn off some of that extra weight.


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Let’s Eat!

Every bird in my town is in my backyard on the feeder kicking seeds around, and filling up on what I’ve put out for them. Well, almost. There are two pairs of cardinals and this is one of the females.

The days have been very cold and snow remains on the ground-about 2 inches. The roads remain icey but more safe than before to drive. We expect more snow tomorrow.

I don’t mind being at home for days. Some get cabin fever. At one time, I did. But after years of travel and being away from home so much, there’s nothing better than being right here. Besides, there is plenty to do here: sewing, playing with my boy, writing, painting, and of course, taking and processing photos. Did I mention how much I love to cook? It’s my 3rd day home and I snuggled up this morning with my cat lying on my back purring and kneading and thought about this new home and the peace and creativity it offers.

The coffee brewed while I got dressed, put on my socks and tiptoed into the baby’s room. He remained asleep. Water began to boil while a box of oats sat next to two small bowls.

A male cardinal swooped in and moved all other birds off the feeder.


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Snow Birds

365–Day 32 Late this morning the many birds that reside in the trees behind my home swarmed the feeders. It had rain and snowed most of the night. The wind was very cold. The feeder is along the north fence so as to blog that treacherous north wind. From time to time, this beauty swooped down onto the fence and hopped onto the feeder. The smaller birds darted onto the snow while the female cardinal completely ignored his arogance.


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Snow Day

There is nothing better than being home on a snow day. It began to snow this morning at about 6 a.m. and continued throughout most of the day. There is plenty of snow now on the ground although it has stopped for now.

Soup tastes better on cold snow days. Sunday supper soup was what was on the menu made of meatballs and a beef broth with carrots and celery and some seasonings. This evening I baked a batch of pecan carmel rolls that made the house smell just heavenly.

Meanwhile, we watched a couple of old 50’s movies, played games, and dreamed up stories to write for the kid. A pot of coffee brewed.

I was found by an old neighbor and friend on facebook. It’s such a treat to catch up with someone who was such a good friend at that time.

The snow finally stopped.


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Another Cold Day In…


Last week we had a lot of snow. For the past six years I had not seen this much snow. Typically in North Texas we get one day of snow and it will melt by 10 a.m. the following day. The ground never really freezes so the snow sticks to the grass. It sure was beautiful though but I am ready for Spring.

I’ve started my journal project. One extreme one, two for my Circle Journal project, and another that will be sent back and forth between my nephews and me. Of course I will have the baby participate with hand prints and finger paints. The progress of these will be written at my other blog .


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Snow Art

It has been many years since I made a snowman. It’s nice to look at the snow but I’ve never been one to get out in it. It’s cold out there! But the conditions were perfect yesterday for creating my snow cowgirl.

The weather was quite nice today once the sun shown through and the clouds moved on. Much of the snow has melted now and the ground is drenched.

When my baby boy is bigger, I hope we have many opportunities to play in the snow building fortresses, igloos, and a snowman. I can’t wait!


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December 25, 2009

A winter storm arrived on the 24th leaving a blanket of snow across North Texas. Since the 23rd saw a 70 degree temperture, the ground was very warm but there was enough snow to last at least half the day Christmas making everyone’s dream of a white Christmas come true. I prefer the warm days.

Christmas morning after we let the baby tear wrapping paper and open his toys, I jumped in the pick-up and bravely set out across town to survey the white in the bright sunshine. The streets were frozen. The brightness was wonderful. A few others were out carefully driving along either going to family homes for Christmas or simply to look at the snow across town. I saw people standing together on the front porch sipping their hot drink enjoying the whiteness. My neighbor was on her front porch as she usually is smoking her cig wearing nothing more than her house dress and slippers. Cows munched on fresh hay bales that apparently had been dropped in the nearby field that morning. By noon, the snow and ice was melting.

This photo was taken down the road near where I live. A mask was used for the “through the viewfinder” look. You can find my tutorial in a previous post.


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