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Jerry’s Catfish House–Florence, MS

The address is 3326 US 49, Florence, MS 39073. We weren’t looking for the address nor were we looking for a catfish dinner. It was too early for lunch anyway. When you travel northbound on US 49 it’s likely you’ll see this and some other interesting spots for whatever it is people do south of Jackson, Mississippi. There are some great treasures along the way.

When an unusual formation is seen along a route created to gather people for the purpose of consumption of good southern down home meals, I’ll stop to gather information and if time allows, an order of their “special”.

As you can see in the picture, Jerry’s was closed. It was an hour or two before noon. We pulled up to the front door curious to know if was not closed down and left to weather aware. It wasn’t. After a little bit of online research I learned Jerry’s has been around 10 years or more. I found some reviews from 2009. And after a bit of good reading, I wish my passenger and I would have spent some time in Florence shopping at garden centers and then tracing back down the 49 to the corner of Eagle Post Road once it opened. You can’t miss it. It looks like an igloo.

Oh, there is some good reading on the outside of the front door: The Ten Commandments. God is love.


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Olney, TX

It was raining while I was driving through. At the time I took this picture, though, it had dried up some, but the sky was cloudy and cast a dull shadow across the town. I’ve been through Olney before and it’s one of those towns that, again, is off the beaten path.

It’s been more than ten years ago, but I think there is an “Olney, TX” post on this very blog with an image of an arena. That arena is gone. This is why it’s important to take pictures. When I first came on to town from the East side, I was looking for that arena and didn’t see it. Surely I had the right town. It’s been a long time. Get to church. So what if you don’t go to the Baptist church. There’s another down the street. God is Love. Open your Bible and pray. Perhaps due to Covid there is too high of risk or the church is restricting attendance. Ask if they have an online service.

I like taking pictures of churches. Most of the buildings I photograph are the Methodist churches. It doesn’t matter. I drive by any church and pray. I see the image sometime later and am reminded to pray for that congregation, that preacher, no matter who is there.

About that arena. Who has the story?

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The Sign, Hobbs

It wasn’t until three days ago that I decided not to write about my drive through Hobbs, NM. I’ve been there a dozen or more times over past 20 years. It’s my town. Things have changed. It’s too personal. You get the sign. South Eunice Highway, north of E Llano Grande Drive. Dust in the wind.

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Movies in Vernon, TX

We should have bought tickets to see “Call of the Wild” while we were in Vernon the other night.  I gave it little thought for we were exhausted from driving and geocaching all day.  The Vernon Plaza Theater, located across the street on the East side of the Wilbarger courthouse, has been showing movies for over 60 years.   This theater was, according to reports, the first in Texas to show 3-D movies.  Classic movies, first-run digital films, and indie films come to this screen.  From the outside it appears well cared for.

I’ve driven many times through Vernon on my way to or from the West but never stopped except at Walmart conveniently located right off  the 287 and the beginning of College Drive to pick up some snacks or a pen.  I had no idea what was here but I knew the town had been growing over the years and not in decline as many other rural towns are now.  The first thing we looked for when exploring Vernon was the courthouse.  It’s either that or the Methodist Church.  For Vernon it is First Baptist Church.  Those are usually the most grandest buildings in small towns.   We then move onward block to block finding interesting structures, signs, landscapes, and people. 

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Sulphur Springs, TX

The Kid and I drove to Sulpher Springs last week for one reason.  Make that two.  First and most importantly, to use the glass bathroom on the square and secondly to find a geocache downtown.  The bathroom experience was, well, nothing that I’ve experienced before.  You can’t see inside from the out but you can see everything out from the inside.  They are roomy, air conditioned, and clean and the flush is super loud so be prepared.

I’ve been to the edge of this little town over the years to see some clients but I didn’t go further than their driveway.  I had no idea of the many attractions and activities.  In fact, I had not even considered going downtown knowing Sulphur Springs is the county seat.  Texas is known for gorgeous courthouses in the middle of town named as governmental center of a county.

The day was hot.  We were thirsty and we needed a toilet.  A stretch of legs was needed for we had been in the car for almost two hours.  It took us almost that long to get out of town.  “Mommy, I want a blizzard from Dairy Queen.”  Fortunately there was a DQ about a mile West of downtown and after we browsed through the “Little Free Library” just in front of the courthouse and found our geocache, we shared a Reeses Outrageous, a blizzard that they hand to you upside down.  Every eatery has their style I guess.

Anyway, I want to return to Sulphur Springs and enjoy the many interesting shops and historical finds.  Plus there is a lot of geocaching done there.


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