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Last Photo of 2010

That is, the last photo I am posting on this blog for 2010. I’ve taken many more since of my baby boy on Christmas day.

What a year its been. Sure it has been a tough one considering these economic times but when I look back, all I really see are the joyous times and there were many. I want to share just a few:

1. Just having my baby boy and watching him grow and learn
2. A visit from a formal a Journalspace blogger and his wife
3. A visit from a horse blogger and artist from Europe who is now my new friend. See you in January!
4. A new job beginning in September.
5. A trip to Illinois for a family reunion and spend time with my grandmother in her home. Its one of my favorite places.
6. A trip to East TX to see my other beautiful grandmother.
7. A visit from my dad in April.
8. Watching the revival in our church–so many getting saved!
9. Enjoying the lunar eclipse a few weeks ago with my wonderful husband, just us under the night sky with camera and telescope.
10. A trip to West Texas to see even more family.

There is so much more really. Watching from the sidelines the success of friends and family in their own lives–their careers, family, education.

I do not know what this new year will bring but I do know that God is on the throne and that whatever comes our way, I will be do everything in His glory—including taking tons of pictures!

Resolutions? I don’t make them. I do set goals and often I do work on those throughout the year. I don’t say I will loose weight and stop spending money on this or that. Instead I set long and short term goals and develop plans. Everything else seems to fall into place.

It’s a new day–the last day of the year. No sense in waiting until New Years Day. I’m going to start today!

Happy New Year to my readers and visitors.


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Don’t Wait

Today is December 1, 2009. January 1 is right around the corner and already resolutions are being declared. Never have I been fond of the new year and all the hoopla over the whole deal. Although it’s a good reason to throw a party and have a bit of fun with friends and family and renew relationships with some enemies, there are 364 other days to do this. It’s the least favorite of all the holidays.

Furthermore, I find it a huge hurdle people try to cross when setting goals. People set life changing expectations for themselves: Lose weight, save money, quit smoking, spend more time with family, get fit, get out of debt, get educated. There are more.

Why do people weight for January 1 to get started? They have failed year after year and they are back at it again. These are huge changes that require planning. So while the rest of the mainstream world is making the exact list as you, the clock ticks and it simply becomes casual conversation leading you to Curves, or LA Fitness where you sign your hard earned cash away and attend maybe one or two months at the gym and lose a couple of pounds only to return to your lifestyle that you really are unwilling to change.

If you are unwilling to commit now, you won’t commit January 1. Write a plan. Set long term goals. List objectives. Change your life. Do it NOW!


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