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The Road To The Stars

There’s nothing real “wow” about this image because I had nothing in the foreground, such as a cabin, tent, or anything of interest. I was looking for the north star in that massive star filled sky. I acquired the Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer and it had not been out of the box but 48 hours so I had yet to learn to set it up. It’s not difficult and I have the needed apps. But when new at something, it takes some learning. For the fun of it, I set up my other tripod and grabbed some shots just to see what I’d get out there. The first is is a six second shot facing north at Big Bend National Park. The second is a Milky Way image shot as is (on tripod) with Star Watcher set up yet. I shot these at “Dugout Wells”. There was no one out there. A windmill behind me squeaked in the breeze. I did shoot more Milky Way photos, those in a private gallery. But a couple images here as test shots.

God created this!


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