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Ida, Louisiana

July must be the worst month to live, work, or play in Ida, Louisiana. It is hot and more humid than I’ve ever known. Well, that’s almost true. I’ve been in some pretty muggy places, like Galveston. The mosquitoes will eat you alive in both places! The climate of the entire state of Louisiana is subtropical and it rains often. I’ll I can tell you is this: Have plenty of ice cold water to drink and air conditioning in your car!

We took a quick drive south from Fouke that Monster Fest weekend and did some geocaching. Why else would we visit such a small town of 200 + in the stickiness of the summer in the South? We parked along the road, got out and looked around. It was late, the sun was behind the trees in the West, the lightning bugs were competing for air while the mosquitoes competed for blood.

The picture shown above is of the Ida ice house. It’s been there since 1897. You can’t see the date due to the growth of ivy and wild grass. To the right, and the picture is not included is what is left of a general store. In fact, it was Carraway’s General Store, since 1926. It may be used from time to time by merchants or locals for events. But who would go here in the middle of a hot summer? On the other side of this general store is the city library.

It was closing time for all stores actually so we didn’t visit anyone and do to Covid we tend to avoid places of gathering that we are not familiar with. It sure would have been nice, though to find a place serving up some cold drinks to distant travelers/geocachers. We found our geocach and got our “Louisiana” souvenir on the app. It was worth the drive.

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