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Thoughts This Tuesday

How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in your life you will have been all of these.
George Washington Carver

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Winter Likes and Dislikes


Many where I live long for the Winter months.  I’m really unsure why.  Perhaps its the enjoyment of being warm and snug inside home with family, the joy of the holidays, comfort food, hot chocolate.  I have no use for Winter but it is inevitable so I make the most of it.   I’ll share my likes and dislikes here.


1.  See the above photo taken in town after a snow/rain/pellet day.  Does that look like a lovely morning to you?  Of course not!

2.  Snow and ice.  It’s pretty to look at from the window for a few hours.

3.  Cold wind.  It’s just terrible for your complexion.

4.  Being snowed in.  Who on earth lives for that?  Not a single soul benefits from being snowed in.  There are people in need in the world and if you can’t leave your house, you cannot help them.

5.  Gray winter skies.

6.  Short days.  At least the sun is now coming up at 7 am end of January.

7.  Seasonal affect disorder.  Results from short days.

8.  The flu.

9.  Heavy winter clothes

10.  Not so many good IR photography opportunities.


1 . On clear days, the sky is a deeper blue.

2.  Orion is visible all Winter long.

3.  The geese at the wildlife refuge are abundant.

4.  A good cold frozen winter reduces many of the summers insects (for a while).

5.  Many more yellow finches at the bird feeders.

6.  Valentine’s Day.

7.  Planning for the Spring planting.

8.  Butternut squash.

9.  Comfort food.

10.  All things leather.


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Monday Monday

It seems that Monday is the most hated day of the week. There is even a song written on the subject by Boomtown Rats, “I Don’t Like Mondays”. Google “Why do we hate Mondays” and you’ll find a thousand or so discussions on the web on the subject.

There are two angles to approach this dreaded day. First, Monday is disliked simply because one slept in all weekend long and messed up their internal clock. You’ve rearranged for two days all your normal activities leaving your mind and body up for a real challenge Monday morning when the alarm screams.

Secondly, Monday is dreaded because for most of us we have to face all the complications of our jobs because two days passed with none of our attention paid to the many problems that developed. It doesn’t matter what field you are in. It’s all the same. We are dealing with humans. Nothing is new under the sun.

Tomorrow is Monday. I plan on it being a fabulous day. I guarantee it because God guarantees it. I’ll pray that His will be done and it should go much easier than it does when I decide Monday’s structure. Ya’ll have a good one now!


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Ticking Clocks

Last night I completed the design for my name/logo for Anita’s Focus. There remains work on the gallery page for I think there is just too much stuff but it is much of my work over the past 5 years. So what if much of the road side scenes were taken from my car window. It’s my collection of forgotten moments; images I receive comments that say, “it’s gone now”. Maybe, but I still have the image, something to stir your mind, your heart.

My goal is almost met and I’m running right on schedule. By October 1, 2011, I will be working professionally specializing in product photography but will be scheduling family portrait sessions mostly outdoors. Weddings don’t interest me, but I am getting calls for them. With that, the challenge of the price sheet remains.

It has changed my vision. For several years I lost that connection I had looking at my subject through a lens, any lens. Maybe it is the season, a new camera, software, but that daydreaming through the lens has returned. This time it’s different for I’m much more serious about the quality of the image and need to create something unexpected.

Many times when looking on previous images, I can recall my emotions at that time. Here is something from those days. White Sands. The Snow Cat was with me. It was a hot afternoon and I could not leave her in the car while exploring the dunes. I remember almost everything about time there, who I called, what I had to drink, and the direction of the wind.

White Sands, New Mexico 2003


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Fun At The Farm

Right here you can find it.  Always a warm smile and a good laugh is shared.  Never a dull moment. 

I like people like that; people you can drop in on for a short afternoon visit.  People you can share a glass of tea with and get all the latest on ages of kids, grandkids, who graduated from what school, and who is playing what sports.  The cost of Medicare.  That’s important. 

It rained today. It rained all morning.  I tilled another section of my Iris garden and will plant my new rhyzomes after the next period of triple digit temps that will last two more weeks. 

The fall garden is now in the planing stages.  If only it will rain more.  If only.


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All Things Considered

That is the program I listened to Wednesday morning while driving across the Lewis Bridge into Missouri.  The Kid stretched to look out the window at the meeting of the two great rivers. 

“What do you see, Kid?”


Sharks in the Illinois and Missouri Rivers.  Beware!

The <a href="NPR program during that hour was hosted by Michele Norris and Melissa Block.  I like their voices and interview styles. There are no NPR stations in my area according to the station finder.  These types of stations are likely to be set on my radio if they can be found.  The website will suffice. 

The drought continues.  No rain.  Hot days.  Oklahoma had rain last week and on Wednesday of this week there was rain and fantastic lightning storms as the sun retired for the day behind the curtain in the West. 

I bought a rain guage.  It won’t be used for a while.  Windshield wipers need to be replaced on my car.  Maybe next week.


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Friday: How Do I Love Thee

Days of langour.  Unbearable 100 degree heat.  The mornings are not cool enough. 

This week seemed to take a year to pass. 

Four days until vacation.  Watch my page for photos along the back roads of the rural midwest.


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