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Olney, TX

It was raining while I was driving through. At the time I took this picture, though, it had dried up some, but the sky was cloudy and cast a dull shadow across the town. I’ve been through Olney before and it’s one of those towns that, again, is off the beaten path.

It’s been more than ten years ago, but I think there is an “Olney, TX” post on this very blog with an image of an arena. That arena is gone. This is why it’s important to take pictures. When I first came on to town from the East side, I was looking for that arena and didn’t see it. Surely I had the right town. It’s been a long time. Get to church. So what if you don’t go to the Baptist church. There’s another down the street. God is Love. Open your Bible and pray. Perhaps due to Covid there is too high of risk or the church is restricting attendance. Ask if they have an online service.

I like taking pictures of churches. Most of the buildings I photograph are the Methodist churches. It doesn’t matter. I drive by any church and pray. I see the image sometime later and am reminded to pray for that congregation, that preacher, no matter who is there.

About that arena. Who has the story?

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Mineola, TX–First Baptist Church

What I like about historic Mineola are the renovations over the past five or more years.  The stoplight downtown, one you will likely sit at, will force you to look around and you’ll notice the restored depot and the downtown area including eateries, antique shops and more. Either that, or you’ll be stuck behind a fast moving train barreling through headed here ore there.   There is usually some kind of event scheduled throughout the year.

And there is this beauty:   First Baptist Church at 204 N Johnson St.  You cannot miss it with it’s towering steeple.  I took the scenic route through town that day, only a few blocks away and shot this picture with my IR Nikon.


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Walnut Ridge, Arkansas

Walnut Ridge, Arkansas

First Baptist Church.
This is last year’s photo. The church still stands and surely not much has change in a town at the junction of the 412, the 63, and the 67. I should have stayed longer for there were some treasures to be found there.

Meanwhile, I’m pinning on Pinterest a bunch of tatting. You didn’t know I tatted? The things that can be made and given as gifts. Right now tatted lace jewelry is all the rage. Simply google it. I’ll put a photo of something I’ve made soon enough .

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