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Ida, Louisiana

July must be the worst month to live, work, or play in Ida, Louisiana. It is hot and more humid than I’ve ever known. Well, that’s almost true. I’ve been in some pretty muggy places, like Galveston. The mosquitoes will eat you alive in both places! The climate of the entire state of Louisiana is subtropical and it rains often. I’ll I can tell you is this: Have plenty of ice cold water to drink and air conditioning in your car!

We took a quick drive south from Fouke that Monster Fest weekend and did some geocaching. Why else would we visit such a small town of 200 + in the stickiness of the summer in the South? We parked along the road, got out and looked around. It was late, the sun was behind the trees in the West, the lightning bugs were competing for air while the mosquitoes competed for blood.

The picture shown above is of the Ida ice house. It’s been there since 1897. You can’t see the date due to the growth of ivy and wild grass. To the right, and the picture is not included is what is left of a general store. In fact, it was Carraway’s General Store, since 1926. It may be used from time to time by merchants or locals for events. But who would go here in the middle of a hot summer? On the other side of this general store is the city library.

It was closing time for all stores actually so we didn’t visit anyone and do to Covid we tend to avoid places of gathering that we are not familiar with. It sure would have been nice, though to find a place serving up some cold drinks to distant travelers/geocachers. We found our geocach and got our “Louisiana” souvenir on the app. It was worth the drive.

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Madill, Oklahoma

If you look at the image long enough you’ll discover what town this corner drug store is located. I’ve been there a dozen or so times passing through but have not stopped long enough to explore.

An advantage of the 2020 pandemic is or was fewer cars on the road because many people were and have been staying home. It was prevalent in the early weeks of the pandemic and one could take a drive during the week day or perhaps a Saturday afternoon and experience very little traffic. That is the case in this image. It was a hot afternoon in this Oklahoma town. Many of the stores and shops in Madill had closed for the day if they had opened at all. This intersection is busy almost always since it is the crossing of 1st and Main downtown. The town square is just a hop and a jump behind this picture taker.

Throughout this blog, and this is an old blog with many images taken from my car, I’ve shot images from the front seat. The pandemic now allows me a bit more freedom to move around and sometimes to quickly get out of the car in the street and shoot a picture with no one in sight.

This black and white image was shot with a 590 nm filter and post processes using PS and channel mixer. I then decided I preferred a more nostalgic look and changed it to monochrome.

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Running N Ranch, Saint Jo, TX

There’s a ranch south of Saint Jo about a mile south of town on FM 677. You can’t miss it. There’s a sign out front, an area to park, and out in the pasture you will see some big art situated under the warm Texas sun where cows graze and memories pass in the wind.

Earl Nunneley owns the land and according to various writings on blogs on this mass interweb, he has assembled various sculptures in his field “because he didn’t have enough to do” when he retired. I think everyone should stay busy and create whatever drives their imagination. You’ll some some Volkswagon Beetles lined up painted like lady bugs, metal sunflowers, and a variety of other creations.

Saint Jo, and I have probably written about this town years ago on this aged blog, is one of those special little Texas towns that you have to stop at when passing through. First of all, it’s the oldest town in Montague County. And it’s got stories to tell. And the friendly people there will be glad to tell you their side of the story.


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Kinmundy, Illinois


The Illinois Central Railroad Water Tower and Pump House

Every town has a story.  History.  If you think there isn’t much in Kinmundy, drive right on in and take a look around.  If you are going to cruise through this town of about 900 as a passenger and be on your mobile phone, the least you can do is log into the city webpage to find out what is there.  Don’t waste your time with meaningless texts. 

I’ve been through Kinmundy twice on way from Mt. Vernon to Decatur and I stopped both times at this water tower to call family and take a look at the map to find a road I had not been on before.  There are many.  Unfortunately I did not have time to spend here to explore Ingram’s Pioneer Log Cabin Village or drive around town.   Sadly I won’t be making these Illinois drives much in the future. 

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Also known as “The Castle In The Cornfields” this gorgeous building dates back to 1930.  I have driven past it for years and in 2012 I finally stopped in front but only briefly to take this shot.  This section of Decatur is where corn processing takes place and it smells of it too.  It is now called Tate and Lyle, one of the largest processors of corn in the United States. 

As with most buildings I post on this blog, there lurks a ghost story, conspiracy or some sort of mystery that I rarely write about for I don’t take enough time to get all the facts.  This is drive-by shooting and not ghost mystery-1000.  Perhaps I start a new blog when I have time to interview locals and sneak down into the basement to collect information.  If you google E.A. Staley there you will find stories of the building and business over the past 84 years.

If you are ever in Decatur, stop and look around.  It’s all about farming out there.  Don’t get lost amongst the cornfields.


A.E. Staley Building, Decatur, Illinois


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