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All Things Considered

That is the program I listened to Wednesday morning while driving across the Lewis Bridge into Missouri.  The Kid stretched to look out the window at the meeting of the two great rivers. 

“What do you see, Kid?”


Sharks in the Illinois and Missouri Rivers.  Beware!

The <a href="NPR program during that hour was hosted by Michele Norris and Melissa Block.  I like their voices and interview styles. There are no NPR stations in my area according to the station finder.  These types of stations are likely to be set on my radio if they can be found.  The website will suffice. 

The drought continues.  No rain.  Hot days.  Oklahoma had rain last week and on Wednesday of this week there was rain and fantastic lightning storms as the sun retired for the day behind the curtain in the West. 

I bought a rain guage.  It won’t be used for a while.  Windshield wipers need to be replaced on my car.  Maybe next week.


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Four Sixes Ranch.

Two hundred eight thousand acres sprawled across the rugged countryside, 6666 Ranch has quite a history. Learn more here. The route between Witchita Falls and Lubbock Texas is scenic one with a number of interesting little towns with big stories and often a courthouse in the town square. And then there’s Guthrie, home to the wagon boss and ranch employees and their families.

Guthrie is of about 200 something residents yet I find this little town consumes more of my travel time than I should allow. Even along the roadside in the Spring, where wildflowers bloom, or horses race and play, it is not uncommon for me to pull off the road and capture a glimpse of “back then”. What is the landscape like without a good thunderstorm?


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Skip Christmas–I want Spring

The winter months are my least favorite as I feel trapped both emotionally and physically. Fortunately the weather has been warm enough to play and I am able to ride my horse almost daily. The winters are mild were I live but some years, such as 2009, it was terribly cold with lots of snow. And on Christmas. Who would have thought it would snow on Christmas?

Sitting at the kitchen table yesterday afternoon reading Bon Apetit, I realized it was the Spring edition with all the meal planning for Easter. What a fabulous time of the year. All of the recipes using fresh picked vegetables right from the garden. I have decided to plant ramps. Leeks are one of my favorites, so I shall give this wild leeks a try in the spring.

It motivated me to draw out plans for the garden and begin preparations now so that everything is in place come February when we start planting. It seems early but in North Central TX, you can plant as early as late February. I tend to plant the first week in March.

Thanksgiving just tired me so and it’s all about the baby for Christmas. I don’t care to celebrate in the mainstream way of shopping till one drops and looking for bargains. It’s about the birth of Jesus and that is the only thing I shall celebrate.

Plus I miss the wild Spring weather of wild thunderstorms and dramatic sky paint.


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While traveling to Lufkin last week, I snapped this shot driving down the highway imagining the storm that would consume the evening if I made it in time. Look at those clouds: drawing you in, calling you. Is it illegal to take pictures while driving? Is it anything like texting and talking on a cell phone? I ‘m not looking through the viewfinder, just holding up the camera on the steering wheel. Maybe I should not write about this sort of activity on my public blog.

I just cannot miss out on such beauty even if there are annoying telephone lines crossing the road.

When this was processed, I almost deleted. The image just drew me in. For this week, a very busy week, end of the month, multiple deadlines, it is appropriate. Looking forward. Drawn to the finish. Perhaps a storm or two will pass.

“The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.”
Moliere –


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Brushed Sky

One of the most beautiful skies is that in the early evening following a storm in which the sun illuminates the wet earth while the eastern skies is shrouded in a very dark gray cloak. Sometimes there is a rainbow. It was like that tonight when I went to church. I wanted to stand outside looking at the east sky and take in all the freshness of the air after the downpour this afternoon.

When we got home, the sky changed and this huge bellowing cloud stretched over as if to take in one final bow to my little town. I pulled the car in, ran inside and grabbed the Nikon. You have to be fast for seconds count. Clouds change rapidly especially when the sun is already yawning on the horizon.

The colors were bright orange and gray. But I lost time. I changed it. Many of my cloud photographs have been taken or changed to gray scale or monochrome. I prefer it that way.

There is a lot of rain in September in North Texas. I will make the most of it all and share my days with you.


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First Day Of Spring

As all North Texan’s are writing/saying, “and it’s snowing”. My garden has been started with broccoli, onins, lettuce, spinach, carrots, beets, and snap peas. There is a calendar I follow. Everything is popping up through the soil–those tender little sprouts stretching upward toward the warm sunshine. Today I covered them all to protect against this uninvited cold front that plans to spend the weekend with me.

Today is the first day of Spring and I have been walking each day carrying the baby in order to drop these winter pounds. I’ve also been in search of new life to photograph. My husband seeks bugs and frogs. I seek plant life. Our pasture is full of it.

While this intruding weather settles in for a couple of days, I will get some necessities done around the house along with half day sleeping since I work night shifts all weekend. Afterall, what can one do when it’s 38 outside and raining. Really.


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Wordless Wednesday


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