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Winter Likes and Dislikes


Many where I live long for the Winter months.  I’m really unsure why.  Perhaps its the enjoyment of being warm and snug inside home with family, the joy of the holidays, comfort food, hot chocolate.  I have no use for Winter but it is inevitable so I make the most of it.   I’ll share my likes and dislikes here.


1.  See the above photo taken in town after a snow/rain/pellet day.  Does that look like a lovely morning to you?  Of course not!

2.  Snow and ice.  It’s pretty to look at from the window for a few hours.

3.  Cold wind.  It’s just terrible for your complexion.

4.  Being snowed in.  Who on earth lives for that?  Not a single soul benefits from being snowed in.  There are people in need in the world and if you can’t leave your house, you cannot help them.

5.  Gray winter skies.

6.  Short days.  At least the sun is now coming up at 7 am end of January.

7.  Seasonal affect disorder.  Results from short days.

8.  The flu.

9.  Heavy winter clothes

10.  Not so many good IR photography opportunities.


1 . On clear days, the sky is a deeper blue.

2.  Orion is visible all Winter long.

3.  The geese at the wildlife refuge are abundant.

4.  A good cold frozen winter reduces many of the summers insects (for a while).

5.  Many more yellow finches at the bird feeders.

6.  Valentine’s Day.

7.  Planning for the Spring planting.

8.  Butternut squash.

9.  Comfort food.

10.  All things leather.


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100 Things I Love About Summer

Taken from HulaSeventy’s place, this is my list.

Snow Cones
Vacation Bible School
Birthday parties
Rootbeer floats
The drive-in
Lemonade stands
Homemade ice cream
Picking blackberries
Bathing the horses
Moonlit desert
Flea markets
Flip flops
Lazy Sundays
Cool mornings
Art class
Scissor tails
Running through the sprinkler
Bike rides
Shucking corn
Riding the Skunk Train–Willits CA
Idyllwild, CA
Tank tops
Glass bead jewelry
Long afternoon naps
Sleeping with windows open
The smell of fresh cut grass
Cold watermelon
Roadside rest stops
Ice tea in Mason jars
Dancing in the rain
Picnic in the shade
Smell of sunscreen
Floppy hats
Summer music festivals
Sheet on the clothesline
Bare skin
Lip gloss
Summer thunderstorms
Cut off denim shorts
Whir of fans
Sleeping in the tent
Walks on the beach
Extra hours of daylight
Staying at Gramma’s house
Hearing the train go buy
Sitting in the swing on the porch
Summer camp
A drive on Pacific Coast Highway
Late night drives
Hay fields
Juicy peaches
John Couger
Shooting with the black filter
Ice tea in Mason jars
The Original Tommy’s Burger
Hearing the wind blow through the trees
Ice cream sandwiches
Gramma’s cool basement
Wear blue eyeshadow
Going barefoot
Outdoor Cafés
Street fairs
Fresh cut grass
Local barbeques
The sound of the sea
Sleeping in
Herb garden
Road trips
Decorative paper lanterns
Mango sorbet
Old fashioned soda fountain–LoveJoys
Hours in the library
Ice cold Coke
Fresh summer produce
Water slides
Hearing kids playing outside
Playing in the water
Early morning golf
Sundance Film Festival
No school
Sending postcards and handwritten letters


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May Days

May: one of my favorite months. It means school’s out. The days are long but not yet so hot. The garden and flower beds are full of plants and vegetables, although not all ready to be picked.

And then there are those special days. I was looking for ideas for this blog entry and here is what I found. I am not sure who determines such days but this is one list:

•May Is American Bike Month

•Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

•Asparagus Month

•Asthma & Allergy Awareness Month

•Better Hearing and Speech Month

•Flower Month

•National Bar-B-Que Month

•National Egg Month

•National Duckling Month

•National Hamburger Month

•National Mental Health Month

•National Salad Month

•National Photo Month

•National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

•National Strawberry Month

•Older Americans Month

•Transportation Month

Let’s not forget that National Nurses week is celebrated during May beginning May 6! There’s Cinco De Mayo, May Day, The Kentucky Derby, Memorial Day, National Penny Day, National Tap Dance Day, and more! All in the month of May.

What are you doing in May?


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March has always been a favorite month for as long as I remember for it is that doorway into the warm sun filled days.

Just a few of my favorite things in March:

1. Flying kites
2. Peddling my bike to small store on the corner for some sweets.
3. Spring cleaning resulting in finding hidden treasures stored away that bring new ideas.
4. The many daffodils in bloom, and hyacinths.
5. Planning weekend getaways for the next six months.
6. Planting flowers, garden vegetables, memories.
7. Writing inspirational lists.
8. Cleaning camera lenses, filters, organizing that camera supply bag.
9. Fingerpainting with the Kid.
10. Sitting in the warm sunshine.


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Looking Out The Back Door

This afternoon I took a walk with one of my senior friends. The day was warm and refreshing; a contrast to our freezing cold days just a few days ago. The sun felt good on our skin. My friend shared a memory. I recalled some of my own of my days under the sun.

Playing on the swing
Running through alfalfa fields
Riding my bike fast through water puddles
Picking dandilions
Hiding behind the honeysuckle bush
Laying on the playground grass looking up at the sky making shapes out of the clouds
Laughing in the wind


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Last Photo of 2010

That is, the last photo I am posting on this blog for 2010. I’ve taken many more since of my baby boy on Christmas day.

What a year its been. Sure it has been a tough one considering these economic times but when I look back, all I really see are the joyous times and there were many. I want to share just a few:

1. Just having my baby boy and watching him grow and learn
2. A visit from a formal a Journalspace blogger and his wife
3. A visit from a horse blogger and artist from Europe who is now my new friend. See you in January!
4. A new job beginning in September.
5. A trip to Illinois for a family reunion and spend time with my grandmother in her home. Its one of my favorite places.
6. A trip to East TX to see my other beautiful grandmother.
7. A visit from my dad in April.
8. Watching the revival in our church–so many getting saved!
9. Enjoying the lunar eclipse a few weeks ago with my wonderful husband, just us under the night sky with camera and telescope.
10. A trip to West Texas to see even more family.

There is so much more really. Watching from the sidelines the success of friends and family in their own lives–their careers, family, education.

I do not know what this new year will bring but I do know that God is on the throne and that whatever comes our way, I will be do everything in His glory—including taking tons of pictures!

Resolutions? I don’t make them. I do set goals and often I do work on those throughout the year. I don’t say I will loose weight and stop spending money on this or that. Instead I set long and short term goals and develop plans. Everything else seems to fall into place.

It’s a new day–the last day of the year. No sense in waiting until New Years Day. I’m going to start today!

Happy New Year to my readers and visitors.


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Things To Do This Fall

Taken from one of my favorites at HulaSeventy.

1. Tend to my Fall garden.
2. Plant bulbs for next Spring.
3. Make a birdhouse.
4. Make homemade apple butter, lots of it.
5. Tat, tat, and tat. Lots of tatting beautiful things.
6. Take my little boy to the zoo.
7. Write some poems.
8. Carve pumpkins
9. Test drive a Saab.
10. Hang new pictures on my wall.
11. Attend an apple festival.
12. Collect leaves.
13. Make Irish Cream.
14. Ride my horse under the fall moon.
15. Send out 10 handwritten letters.
16. Take a self portrait, maybe two.
17. Laugh.
18. Play in the sunshine.
19. Call my best friend from 8th grade.
20. Build a camp fire and eat marshmellows.


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