Forestburg, TX

02 Jan

What brings me through Forestburg, for it is far off the beaten path, are my travels between Montague and Valley View. Sure, there is a faster way but this is far more interesting. I had never stopped to take pictures before and this was not much of a stop either because it was raining. The images were shot March 14, 2020 about the time the Corona virus wiggled its way into the state of Texas. The rain hindered our geocaching as well, but we captured a few shots as we passed through.

Unsure of the population there right now, it is under 200. Maybe it’s under 100. Who knows except for the citizens there. Although it was raining and some places closed due to Covid, there was activity in town, mostly trucks passing through. I’ve seen this “Forestburg Museum” before in years past and there were more items situated on the porch then. Maybe it was all brought in due to rain.

At the United Methodist Church on 455, the church windows are beautiful. All churches, in my opinion, should have stained glass windows. But they are expensive items and the care and welfare of the church’s members should always come first. But the windows. The windows. Stained glass windows (most of the time) are a picture from the Bible. Look at these above. I’d love to see them on the inside.

There isn’t much to do in Forestburg unless you farm but there are plenty of places to visit in nearby towns such as Valley View, St. Joe, Muenster, Gainesville. Hopefully, on the next trip, the museum will be open.

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  1. B

    May 25, 2021 at 2:09 pm

    I came across your blog. Forestburg, S.D. is also a tiny, but interesting town. Has a likable and charismatic local bartender- John Doren. Who is the local Doren there?


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