Witches Gate #2

12 Oct


While Courtney took some more shots of Witches Gate in the previous entry, I pulled up on my handy Droid Witches Gate #2 located just east of Witchita Falls on Hammon and Hatton Road. This is nothing more than an intersection with a couple of versions, one involving a murder of a young couple doing what young couples do after the Texas sky goes dark.
When we found it I got out and walked around in the middle of the road and examined the guardrail and the ditch below. The area is open countryside scattered with small farms, horses, tractors, an old Chevy pick-up and some made-up stories. I looked up at October’s morning sky, yawned, stretched, and ho-hummed carrying my camera looking for a more interesting subject.
Number Two doesn’t look as mysterious and exciting as Witches Gate but because it was on our list of “haunts”, we had to drive there just to check it out. It is written on various websites that there is a relationship to this corner of the road and the burned structure I’ve written about. Some say that the land was owned by the Keith Brothers who owned the Witches Gate land. I suppose if you drive long enough on Hammon Ranch Road you’d end up on the WG property. If you drive long enough you’ll end up somewhere.
Perhaps after dark one night I’ll bring my paranormal detection equipment and hang out with the mosquitoes at this location and report back to you my findings, that is if I don’t get killed by a drunk driver out that way. You know, the one that takes the back road. By the way, did you know that you can download apps on your iPhone to detect ghosts? Is there an app to detect drunk drivers?
After a bit of googling I discovered several stories and books written about the Keith brothers and the troubles at Witches Gate. I bought the book, How Did They Die? (Murders in Northern Texas 1926-1975) by Julie Coley.
All I wanted was a trip to Amarillo to see the Cadillacs, the horse museum and some stars at the Canyon. Here I now sit spending hours researching the Witches Gate stories.

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