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Jolly, Texas


There isn’t much in Jolly. Really, there isn’t. There is an RV Center, a Baptist church, and the Jolly truck stop/Valero gas center that takes up a chunk of property just north of the highway. The population is less than 200 people. Hop on the 2393 south and you’ll find yourself eventually at Lake Arrowhead state park. I write about Jolly, however, not for the above listed places but for an easily missed little place along the 287 that is recorded on

According to the website, this place called Witches Gate is “a burned mansion, the centerpiece of a local legend. Many different stories circulate here. Some say the wealthy family who lived here was met with tragedy when the father passed away. The mother went crazy and burned the house. Another tale says robbers broke into the house, and one of the small boys in the family managed to trap the robbers and set the house afire, killing everyone inside, including himself. Other stories say the family was involved in witchcraft, which spawned the name Witches Gate. Folks say the ghost of the two brothers who lived in the family can be seen among the ruins.”

This is the month of October and the fields and trees remain lush with vegetation so finding ruins is not an easy task.  On our third attempt and U-turn, we finally located this old place on the south side of the 287 but it wasn’t easy to see.

Have you seen it?

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