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Henrietta, Texas


Traveling to the Panhandle along the 82 on an early Sunday morning brings nothing but wide open space and wind, except for filled church parking lots. Even many restaurants in town are closed on this day in many of the little towns on the route. The only place I found a cold drink and snack was at the Bread and Butter Stop a couple of blocks west of C’s favorite house.

It was Henrietta that we decided for a hunt for haunts on the road to Amarillo. Just ahead on the 287 before getting to Amarillo is our story for a future blog entry. In the meantime, we strolled around the town square admiring the brick and sandstone courthouse built in 1884. According to records, a clock tower stood tall above the square on the building and later the dome replaced it. You cannot find these things out on Sunday mornings in the Bible belt for most people are preparing for church service or sleeping in recovering from a previous night of activity that they should be repentant of.

I asked a man at the Bread and Butter stop on information and directions to our next stop. Surely, he has answered this question before.

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