Dexter, Texas

08 Jan


If it weren’t for this church and a stop sign at the 678 and the 106 I’d never know I was in Dexter.  Are there even a hundred people there?  Ranches are scattered throughout the region just south of the Red River.  According to historical data, Dexter was named after a race horse.  Not surprising really since one will pass many horse ranches to get to Dexter regardless of what route taken.  Let me not forget to mention the cemeteries, two I believe dating back to the beginning of Dexter’s history.  Many of the original business including a hotel and barber shop have since decayed and been carried off in memory.  But the church remains and fortunately is still in use.  As it should be.


Go to church!

I want to know about this race horse named Dexter.


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2 responses to “Dexter, Texas

  1. Nancy

    January 8, 2014 at 12:54 pm

    Dexter must have been quite a horse to have a town named after him! I love the church picture. It just recalls simpler times, plus I like older architecture better.

  2. Ricky

    April 11, 2014 at 6:46 pm

    When I was a kid my grandfather took me there and I remember the old saloon leaning in better years. He told me the story of his daddy working at the stables as a kid and that the James gang came thru and gave him a double eagle for taking care of their horses. Man, that was a lot of money then. I still choose to remember those days, days when people cared for one another and always offered a bite to eat or soda to whoever wondered by. Really blessed I lived thru the ending of what was left of the southern west. I was raised in that part of Texas and am so very thankfull.


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