Summer Nights

12 Jul

Hot summer nights I might add. 

The windows rolled down, a warm breeze, the day closes with an order of Cherry Lime Aide and tots.  Sometimes, and very rarely, it’s a rootbeer float.  A black and white cat walks across the lot toward a car that apparently leaves treats for it.  The Sonic Cat is what I’ve always called him.   Another pick-up truck pulls up.  

A carhop skates by to Sara Evan’s latest tune.  He long brown ponytail is pulled through the back of her cap and a few strands shimmer in the lights.  Her red tray is loaded with a family’s supper and she carefully reaches each bag to the window.  A young couple sit at the center table playing footsies, giggling, and slurping on their cokes. 

The Kid yawns.  A bite of my last tot is taken and the other half tossed into the paper bag.  I wipe the smeared catchup from my wrist as we slowly back out of our space with the windows still rolled down. 

“I don’t really know how I got here
But I’m sure glad that I did
And it’s crazy to think that one little thing
Could’ve changed all of it”





Posted by on July 12, 2011 in home, Photography, sky


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2 responses to “Summer Nights

  1. Pam

    July 12, 2011 at 7:19 pm

    Great Capture!!! Love the sun set effect…Ray

  2. lowandslow

    July 12, 2011 at 8:38 pm

    The simplest things in life are definitely the best, aren’t they? 🙂



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