More Parelli Goodness

02 Nov

Disc 2 Level 2 home (Parelli) study allowed me to reevaluate my relationship with my horse and also my own self discipline. I got lazy toward the end and thought we were doing just the bare minimum. I was also with child and that certainly challenges the clock and the goals I have set for Carter and me. One goal I did not set in Level 1 was working through the games in a ten minute assessment. This video would then be sent to the Parelli Center for evaluation. I need to feel successful, to feel like I accomplished that first level. Level 2 is gobs of fun and I just love every minute of it but its hard because we are not as motivated. My horse looks at me at the end of the lead line during the yo-yo game with an expression of total boredom. It’s as if he is rolling his eyes, “Pahleeze”. So I changed it and yo-yo’d him up a hill with obstacles. Far left brain was readjusted.

One of the problems we’ve had recently relates to the time of day I work with him. Often it is in the evening. He gets fed around 5. I typically call him up at 6. His responses are….well, the turtles cross the road faster. He won’t come to the gate as fast, looks at me chewing on his grass, “been there done that”. Any other timem of day, he is great. He comes right up to me eager to get started. We have alot of fun.

This is the time of day that best suits me. Obviously that will change next Sunday. But it has really slowed me down. For it is near impossible to get him to trot on the line or even under saddle. He is in his own world. Perhaps it is much like my seniors I care for. After dinner, they head back to their apartment with no desire to be bothered, to simply slip into their comfy clothes or PJ’s and situate themselves in the comfort of their chair doing what they love; watching an old movie, reading, hearing the radio.

By the end of November, I hope to get Carter and me up to speed and video taped (if that is what you call it these days). I could do this in a week. Carter is just an awesome horse and learns so fast, remembers everything. I need to be out there every day.

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One response to “More Parelli Goodness

  1. Bobby

    November 3, 2010 at 11:10 am

    I think Carter is asking to work/play during business hours. If he was a youngster anytime would work.
    I love reading about this connection. You understand what he is asking. Perhaps he doesn’t know your schedule? Hmmm…



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