Today Is Another Day

06 Jul

And the rain came today.

What a relief. What a magnificent afternoon. I had attended at noon today a monthly luncheon at a fabulous little restaurant on the square and as we made our way downstairs to go back outside afterwards I commented on how hot it was. And it was a scorcher. But the sky was filled with argumentative currents as a very dark cloud made its way over the town. All it was was one gigantic dark gray cloud growling as if it were to smother all inhabitants with its bulging temper.

The wind blew furiously while I drove toward the horizon where the sun shown brightly. Once home, it began to sprinkle. It rained a while and my baby boy napped.

Later we walked outside to get the mail. He discovered a water puddle in the driveway and grinned. Barefoot he stomped through it and felt a few rain drops on his head. In the street was a big puddle and a stream of water that washes to a cement drainage ditch along side my house. After in spection for glass and sharp objects, I let him play in that puddle to his hearts content. He examined how the raindrops splashed on the ground. He was all smiles. So was I.

I wish I could have photographed this precious moment but my husband ran off to West Texas with my camera.


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2 responses to “Today Is Another Day

  1. Stacie

    July 6, 2010 at 8:52 pm

    Aww, such a precious moment, I wish you had your camera! This photo is very nice. I re-downloaded the programs on my laptop to start making ttv-like photos again.

  2. barebackbaby

    July 7, 2010 at 8:58 am

    I used to stomp in mud puddles and sit down in them right after my mom changed my clothes. oopsie. Still love the rain and mud and puddles.

    hope it rains here soon…so dang hot and humid.


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