My Gold Stars

22 Mar

The photo is in my collection of childhood pictures. This hay baler was used in my family when I was very small. I actually remember it well as my dad sat me in his lap on the tractor while pulling it along the rows of cut and dried alfalfa.

Swiped from one of my favorites: Hula Seventy.

1. Signature. I have one of those “Doctor” signatures and it is a big one. I worked on it for years. I used it before I got married and since you cannot tell what on earth the last squibble loop-de-loo is, I use this same one for my married name. People love to watch me write my name. It is rather large and it brings me such great pleasure to be handed an invoice to sign and I get to use the entire half page.

2. Cooking. Let me be more specific: cooking yummy entres. Baking is not my cup of tea. But I can put a meal together with not much of anything and I cook totally from scratch. Why eat items that you cannot pronounce anyway. Afterall, if you don’t recognize it, you shouldn’t be eating it. Lasagna and midnight meatballs are what I’m know for.

3. Organization. I’m obsessed with it. It is as important to be organized as it is to provide one’s body with nutrients. You just cannot function, well I can’t function without everything being in its place. And everythng on my desk has its place, even though it might look just a tad disastrous.

4. Procrastination. You won’t meet a better procrastinator than yours truly, Wildstorm at WordPress. And lately I’ve gotten even better. Perhaps I should start a support group.

5. Resolving conflict. This has come very naturally and a characteristic I never gave much thought to until previous co-workers and managers started assigning me these really tough assignments. I did not think they were that tough, frustrating maybe, but not real tough. It is easy for me to calm an angry person down and still not agree with them.

6. Having a very cheerful personality. It’s called JOY. It comes from Jesus.

Stopping at number 6.


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2 responses to “My Gold Stars

  1. Jack Matthews

    March 23, 2010 at 8:13 pm

    Really nice the photo of the baler. Good that you have a scanner to put this out to us.

  2. angelcel

    March 24, 2010 at 6:27 am

    I love old photos like this. 🙂

    I like your list.
    2. I’m with you. Whilst I *will* bake (occasionally) it’s the entres that are my forte and, yes, it’s home cooking rather than fine cooking that calls me.
    3 & 4. Whilst I’m obsessed with organisation, I rarely achieve what I set out to do, partly because of my procrastination! 😀


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