The Arena

22 Jul


That’s the name of the place. I have written about this before in another post on wordpress. This photo ws taken some time in 2006. Tatum New Mexico is the location. Another arena we spent a lot of Sundays at was in Eunice New Mexico. Has anyone been to Eunice? I regret I have no photographs of that sweet little oil town. There’s not much there but a highschool and a lot of oil workers and their families. Tatum is the same but there are more ranchers there. You have to know the area to understand it.

When I saw Renegade saddled up, I thought about those days on Cinco and my dad on Red. It was a long time ago but the memories are good ones. Playdays were on Sundays always after church. We would quickly leave after service was over, change clothes while mom threw together some sandwiches, load the horses and equipment and head to the arena. The Tatum arena, in the photo, seemed so far. It was strange to us to go there since we were so accustomed to the Eunice and Hobbs arenas.

I’ve thought about scanning some of those old photos of the day and sharing them here. Maybe I will.


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