16 Jul


Another hot day in North Central Texas. 

The horse gets a bath today.   When I bath him, its not really to get him clean but to cool him off.  I do like to soap him up and scrub him since he likes that so much.  He’s a bit spoiled.  But once he is rinsed off, I spend the next half hour or more in the shade while he munches on some hay brushing him, braiding his mane, moisturizing his hooves and cleaning his ears. 

I am using the excuse, “its too hot” for not riding every day like I had planned.  All I need is an hour on his back and I am not doing so.   I rode him for the first time last week but up close to the barn.  He did just fine but he has picked up that terribly dangerous habit of moving forward as I am mounting him.  Not cool.  That can be fixed in no time.  He is not very forward moving though on hot days and I do not ride him when its a hundred.  Usually in the evening when the sun is behind the hill, it should not be too hot to get a bit of a workout in and a little bit of sweat. 

The photo above is from 2005.  He was 4 then and as you can tell, had not grayed out yet.  He’s much lighter now, completely grayed out but with flea bites over all his coat.  Sweet boy.

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Posted by on July 16, 2009 in My horses, Photography


One response to “Saddled

  1. swanpetal

    July 16, 2009 at 8:30 pm

    Your new layout is great! Such a good horse, I don’t blame you for not wanting to ride on hot days… and he probably rather stand in the shade. Great saddle! I miss riding horses… for fun of course. 🙂


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