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Where there’s a carcass, there will be vultures”

~ Malayan Proverb quotes

This writer is certainly no expert in the world of Ciconiiformes so when numerous vultures began spending time atop telephone poles in my neighborhood and apparently stalking an old shed behind a neighbor’s house for the past two weeks, we became concerned.  Just as the quote says, where there’s a carcass, there will be vultures.  That’s kind of true on the world wide web isn’t it.  Never mind that. 

My neighbors and I talked about this and watched them.  As we moved two streets over into our new house we got a view of exactly where they were spending their time.  A shed behind a home on the corner has a piece of sheet metal missing off the top.  We would watch as these creatures sore from the very tall light poles of adjacent soccer field over that property and glide downward landing just atop of the shed and then bounce into the darkness.  We observed 4-5 at a time. 

According to, with 100 times the botulism of a human, the stomach of a vulture can digest meat in advanced stages of decay, a favor to every other creature in the world.  And in today’s society, with all the crime we read about, it would not surprise me if there was a dead body or two in that shed being feasted on by these massive birds.  The problem with this picture was that there was no smell. 

I think I will stop by the police station on my way to the meat market and file a report.


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