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Dear Baby J,

In just over 2 months we will be holding you in our arms.  We can hardly wait for your arrival.  These past seven months have been truly wonderful, although I do complain about all the discomforts of pregancy.  But when I feel you move around, it brings me so much joy.  Your dad also enjoys the feeling of your movements.   We had your name picked out before we even knew you were a boy. 

You and I are sharing some prime real estate.  There won’t be nearly as much space left these next 60 days.   I have to eat really small meals.  I still get in my gallon a day of water, but that isn’t easy.  I know you can’t help it but my bladder is below you and I am glad the lady’s room is very close to my office.   There is not too much discomfort right now in terms of your position and even when there is I am learning to work through that.  I can’t help but giggle when you stretch and kick. 

Right now I am studying everything I can for giving birth to you naturally.  We want the very best for you and although labor can be a difficult transition, we believe that we will be prepared for this very special event. 

Each day we pray about you and are very gracious that we have this blessing of having you in our life.  We are ready for this big adventure of raising you and helping you be everything God wants you to be. 




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