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The school building is demolished.  These words are gone. 

I think about the many bloggers from journalspace who have lost their words and photos.   What each blogger wrote was important to them to some degree.  I like what lowandslow said about blogging about an oil change.  It is mundane for most of us and probably for the person writing it.  Most of us could care less if we lost those types of entries.  But for others, their poems, their photos, their dreams, memories, and hardships were posted with significance.  Some wrote simply to express themselves but did not involve themselves in the community . Others wrote for feedback and I could accurately say that most JS bloggers wrote to fulfill that need for regard.  Many hungered for it.  

There are many reasons people blog.  And there are just as many reasons people read blogs. 

When conveying a message to readers how effective is your writing?   I think about the words scribbled on the door in the above photo.  Did that make any impact on the students at that highschool?  How long did it gain the attention it was meant to before becoming just another meaningless message? 

If writing for oneself such as a journal, one may not worry about the effectiveness of words.  But in many blogs, those written for specific audiences regardless of topic, the right words have power.  There is a psychology to which words resonate with readers.

Whatever you write, if it has any meaning at all to you, back it up.


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