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Tomorrow is the first day of the 27th week.  I look like as though I am 35 weeks.  I am more and more uncomfortable and tire by 2 now whereas I got through the entire day full of unending positive energy.  I am ready to collapse. 

While the moon supervises my movement in this office, I thought about the words I wrote in another blog last year, ones that I had kept secret.  The poems were my own expression and although the blog was public, I kept it for just a few to read and now that it is locked up and the key hidden away, the words have more meaning and are all mine.  No one else can have them. 

Sometimes I write out of spontaneity but not here.  This blog, Wildstorm, is meant just how it is designed:  Photos for every entry, words of encouragement to those who stop by, God’s words, history of my travels, thoughts of rural America.  There are just a few bloggers on Journalspace who greatly inspired my blogging and it started when I first began writing there.  After reading one, I felt so creative I wanted to write my blog with a big marker, many colors, on my screen as if it were the blog canvas.  Another blogger inspired me to post photos and write poems. 

I think my baby will bring us great inspiration because now I can write for him.  His room will be ready at the end of the month.  I plan on hanging colorful artwork and poems that I wrote for him on the wall and mount speakers in the ceiling throughout the house with classic music playing.   I can’t wait to see his first work of art.


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