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It’s all a conspiracy.  Women I meet say “I loved my pregnancy, every bit of it”.  Or they will carry on about how great they felt through the entire 9 month period.  First of all, nine months is too long to be pregnant regardless of how fabulous you felt.  That is almost an entire year and there is way too much in this world to miss out on.  Before you criticize my statement, I do know that the end result is worth every bit of it, but really.  You’d spend MORE time with your child if you were not pregnant for so darn long.  Find me a mother who experienced no side effects of pregnancy:  morning sickness, fatigue, weight gain, cramps, obnoxious cravings, etc etc.  And let us not forget the unforgettable labor.  Now I do believe that there are moms on the planet that have had tolerable labor without the need for drugs, epidurals, blocks, or psychotherapists.   The baby popped right out and life went on. 

This photo was taken this evening on the way home from the pasture along a dirt road that parallels the highway.  It’s much more interesting this way.  I’ve taken photos of this tree in the summer months with the black filter,  however this one is a bit more interesting.   

The day was illegally gorgeous for a January Saturday.  It is the middle of Winter and today’s temperature was 79 degrees.  We did work in the pasture and made the most of every moment outdoors.   Tomorrow it will be 45 as the high and Monday, 38.


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Blogging for Cats


She’s just cute as pie in this photo but in reality, well I’ll let you be the judge of that.  Right now she is in the chair with her siamese sister curled up while the day goes by.  In a little while she will be outside since it is getting warm and there might be things to pounce on, like the dog.  She’s very adventuresome.  This photo was taken several years ago so she certainly is not very kittenish now.  She is still a cat and we all know what kind of trouble cats can do. 

I’ve seen a variety of blogs on WP just about cats.  My Journalspace blog started out about my horse and my experience training him and our story together.   It became more of a photo blog though and on occasion I’d throw in a photo of a cat.  Over time I wrote less and photographed more and spent less time at Journalspace.  Last December I created this blog dedicated to rural America since I travel so much and have that opportunity to drive across the wide open countryside gathering shots of what once was.   I finally left Journalspace except to link to this blog where this has become more of a general photo blog of a little bit of everything. 

Some people have multiple blogs: one for poems, one for their baby, one for their cat, and one for their drinking habits.  It’s enough to manage just this blog and my Smugmug photo gallery.  And then I got lassoed in by a friend to Facebook.  That is pretty easy to maintain there.   No more blogs for me!  

How many blogs do you have?  And is your cat worthy of its own blog?


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