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Again I have vowed to take a photo a day but not for the entire year as some 365-photographers do.  I am not that disciplined!  Last year, photos were taken daily for various months but when I got to August and the Texas temperatures got a bit warm (100+), I simply put the camera away for a while.  In fact, I didn’t take many photos at all for the latter part of the year.  Pregnancy will do that to you, especially in the first three months when the only photos I saw were those I dreamt of while sleeping my life away.  

I begin January 2009 with a photo-a-day and will submit these photos to the smugmug galleries and community.  This photo at the top however is from several years ago.  I have not yet taken today’s shot.  

While surfing around WordPress, I found a blogger who uses a lensbaby.  It is not wise that I spend too much time at flickr or WP photo pages because nifty items like these are discovered, pondered, and then put on my “want” list.  I’ve got my Holga and tunnel vision lens, a Nikon D 50, and 20 year old Minolta X370 with some really old film I want to shoot with and develop just to see what old film does.  I’d like to upgrade my Nikon.  I need to start a photography fund.


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Due Dates


It won’t be long.  I’ve kept my secret from JS up until a few days ago when I mentioned my pregnancy in a prior post.   A few people knew but I had not written about it in my blog there at all.  There was too much hurt at JS, to much anger and hatred and ridiculous nonesense.   As much as I am sad to see it go, it’s refreshing to start new.   Now many will know.

I had not even announced the pregnancy to family until the second trimester and from a trail headed up to the top of Multnamah Falls at the Columbia River Gorge.  There’s more to it than that but announcements of such events should be bold and undoubting, yet chancy.   One should announce such an occurance standing high on a rock without regard to the conventional expectations. 

We are due April 9, 2008.  However, that date may change since we have another ultrasound today and I feel like a cow.   This is baby’s first bear (Thank you Kim) and rocker that was my dad’s chair when he was small.


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