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Wasting time in one of the cottages of  “*^&%*%” in Lubbock, I took photos of whatever was around while waiting for my co-worker.   I forgot I even had this photograph and all it was was point and shoot shot with plans to delete once I realized how sloppy it was.  However it is the memories this photo stimulates when I look at it. 

I can’t say “last year” in terms of 2007 now.  But in May of 2007 I was working with a new co worker when everything changed.  The work we did was great and the circumstances were pleasant.  In fact, I consider that particular assignment one of my favorites and I miss it dearly as well as those I worked with there.   We all now watch a management company crumble.  I’ve considered writing about Sunwest and have several times started entries only to delete and begin another topic.  Fortunately, I have some very fond memories of my 5 years there as difficult as it was to accept a number of the wacky decisions made.  

When I see this photo, I think of the visits I made to the Panhandle to both Amarillo and Lubbock, the challenges and the successes, the many employees, and sometimes just the quiet time spent on the property watching the seniors stroll through the courtyard reminiscing.


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A New Beginning

 A handful of readers of this page are fellow Journalspace bloggers who knew me as Summerwind.  Journalspace was put to rest yesterday when the data on the two drives was unrecoverable.  It was a small operation and one where I first got started blogging.  Really it was where I first got started writing on the web, not so much about personal events but articles and essays.  Themestream also went belly up, but that was more related to money.  I had everything on both blogs saved. 

One of the problems JS’rs are faced with now is that they never backed up their blogs.  That often is a sign that they do not back up data on their computers.   Computers have a life of their own and it is usually a short one.  Software even comes with the computer to do the work yet people do not spend the time to get it set up.  Only once in my entire computer life have I lost information and fortunately it wasn’t much.  It was a major crash and burn of my hard drive probably related to my cat chewing on the keyboard cord (always blame the cat), and I lost data that was only a few days old.  It didn’t hurt too much. 

In graduate school, my back up went as follows for research papers (this was in 2000-2003):  a floppy inserted into the computer and the writing began.  I saved to the hard drive, then to the floppy, and then I emailed a copy to myself on yahoo.   At least if my house burned down I might have the floppy in my possession when I was away and if it was at the house, then it is out there in email land.   I still have all those research papers saved on a CD, on this computer,  and the hard copies are smothered by the student loan bills.   Never mind that.

Probably the worse loss of all at Journalspace was the sense of community there.  I never got real close to many and these latter months, probably since May 2008, I really had no desire to be at the site.  People get really wacky during election years.  But there were a lot of members who utilized JS as a community and unfortunately quite a number where I believe was their only outlet socially. 

Nothing lasts forever and it is events such as this that people grow.  Change is good.  It is hard and we must learn to adapt.  And it is a test of endurance of self.   I have met a number of people through journalspace and many of those I do intend on knowing for a long time.  I met a few in persons as well along my travels across the country.  There is no reason not to carry on those relationships.  Sure, I am sad that the website is gone, but I am not sad at all that many there continue to blog elsewhere sharing their interesting lives and thoughts, dusting off their knees and moving on.  It will be alright.

In the meantime, I continue to blog right here on WordPress where I’ve been for about a year.  My favorite subject continues to be and probably always will be Carter Joe. 

Happy New Year.



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