Woodbine, Texas

07 Dec

Situated between Gainesville and Whitesboro, Texas is a town of not much more than a few horse and cattle ranches and a lot of manufactured homes.   You won’t find major shopping here and I don’t even believe there is a gas station.   Gainesville is only a few miles west so no worry if you find yourself lost and hungry in Woodbine.   The biggest structure in town is the elementary school, and a nice piece of property it is since they just spent mega bucks in upgrades and improvements.   This school (aka Radware) serves Woodbine and Collinsville which is located north of the 82.  

On my way to take feed to my horses, the sun was warm and in late day and I knew the shadows of the afternoon would be found on the pallet.  I drove on some roads I had never been on looking for something else I had not seen at the intersection of the 678 and the 3164. 

According to Handbook of Texas, Woodbine was the first Cooke County community to receive rail service and a train depot.   I probably have more family information but that is a different subject. 

A photo from Woodbine, Texas.woodbinedec08

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One response to “Woodbine, Texas

  1. Andrew Ray

    December 13, 2011 at 2:06 pm

    In 1948 , when I was in the second grade,my family moved to a farm outside Woodbine and I attended Radware School for two years. Some memories of Woodvine and Radware are the country store, baptist church and the school with its rusty tasting water. The school also had a merry go round that had one post in the middle that was tall. The merry go round turned around this pole. The pole allowed the merry go round to swing back and forth as well as to round.

    Oh yes, the outhouses to the back of the school and a little bit to the west. I almost forgot these. There were two building for the outhouses. One for the boys and one for the girls.

    We lived too close to the school to be able to ride the bus so I walked to and from school.

    I have gone back but the area has changed and I would not find our farm. However it still exists in my mind.


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