Joyce, Washington

07 Dec

Joyce is located on State Scenic Highway 112, 16 miles West of Port Angeles and 33 miles East of Clallam Bay.  This photo was taken last year in September during an assignment in Washington.  The day was coming to a close and I knew I would need to find lodging somewhere that Saturday night.  A bed & breakfast or two were seen as I drove along the roads but I did not make any attempt to stop.  I wish I would have.  I must have gotten the last room in all of the hotels in Port Angeles.  Driving with no plans is typical and I always find something somewhere. 

I stumbled into Joyce first needing some gas and also needing a snack.  I forgot to eat lunch.  Living in a small town, I am accustomed to the gas station-grocery stores that carry just about anything and everything including having a laundermat, a post office, and an ATM and bank.  But I remember the difficulty I had in the store with leaving.  The customer ahead of me was doing some sort of transaction with the clerk that didn’t exactly look like a purchase.  Banking maybe?  I don’t care to guess.  I just pretended I belonged there and looked annoyed as if I had shopped this store a million times. 

With my treats and a bottle of H20, I headed to this beautiful place. 



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2 responses to “Joyce, Washington

  1. Roz

    December 8, 2008 at 1:51 pm

    That is a beautiful color in that photo. So golden, and soothing.

  2. kiran

    December 9, 2008 at 5:58 am

    Thats a beautiful but a huge picture… u put…


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