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Taken Thanksgiving week 2007 with my Holga and and tunnel vision lens.  This little barn was demolished several months ago for the purpose of extending a highway northward toward Oklahoma.  The barn was dilapidated and a hard wind caused onside of the roof to slide off.  That is not shown in this photo.  There are several photos of the property in my smugmug gallery along with many other old weathered barns.  I wonder about the story of the structure.  If only the walls could talk. 



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Tatum, NM

A town without a place to eat a good burger should not be on the map.  Tiny’s is in Tatum New Mexico, a small town way out in the middle of oil field and cattle country with not much more than say 800 residents.  But there sure is a lot of traffic through this area considering Tatum is located at the junction of the 380 and the 206.  Bring your appetite to Tiny’s.  The portions are good, the price is just right.  As for spending anytime in Tatum, there’s really not a lot to do unless you are in the oil field business or are a rancher.   There are seasonal activities such as highschool football and rodeos.   Other than Tiny’s, probably the big eye catching attraction in Tatum is found on the east end of town; a very large collection of black wrought-iron silhouettes and interesting formations.  These are used for signs, mailboxes, etc.  For miles in any direction, these wrought-iron silhoutted signs/scenes adorne the entrances of the huge ranches and mailboxes of those living way out yonder.  tinysburgerbarntatum


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Greeleyville, SC

It was too early in the morning when we drove past this barber shop to stop in to interview and learn more about the goings on there.  A co worker and I were on a drive to the coast from Columbia to kill half the day before embarking on an assignment.   Each town has it’s own interesting story to tell in these parts.    Maybe on my next adventure, my husband will accompany me because I know he would sing here, even for a haircut. 


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Christmas 2008


Merry Christmas to all!

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Awake this morning early, I changed positions several times to get comfortable not yet ready to get out of my warm bed.  The baby however spends all of his time in my tummy moving at about the hour before the alarm goes off.   Once born I shall be prepared. 

With that thought, once out of bed I turned the blinds up to allow the morning to shed its light across the room.  And a feeling of unrestrained creativity embraced me.  The baby will be born in April and the door to a new world will be open.  I can hardly wait. 

I browsed my gallery at lunch and found this photo I took in April 2008 while in Arizona.  Across the vast desert, the sky is the very canvas that is painted unending inspiration. 

How often do you stop and look up at the sky and watch; allow your mind to wonder as the clouds drift across the heavens?


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