Winter Dog

29 Nov


December 30, 2007 is the date of this photograph.  We had not expected for Mickey to live even up until that point.  This evening before dark, I put on my jacket and hood and took my routine walk to the pond and through the south pasture with him and Sunny.   He really isn’t well.  He has aches and pains and is on medication.  He sleeps a lot.  He can’t hear a thing but a high pitched whistle that only my sister in law can do.  His eyesight is okay.    All it takes is for me to pull up in the driveway, get out and walk toward the house and he’s there begging to go to the pasture for a run no matter how bad he feels.  I grab some horse cookies and off we go.  He gets tired though and cannot make the entire trip around the land.  Sometimes he gets out of sight but I will see him laying down somewhere panting taking a short rest.  Other times he simply heads back to the house without me.   Sunny on the other hand is a couple years old and runs at turbo speed.  I don’t know that Mickey will get through this winter.  We’ve talked many times about taking him to Dr. S.  I want to be there for that.  It’s important that I spend that time with him.

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