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25 Nov

Another wordpress blogger posted about how he is using expired film.  I certainly encouraged him to do so since there is no guarantee as to the results that are dependent on how old the film is, exposure to heat, cold, light, etc.   I now want to try this and have a few rolls of film at home that are probably ten years old.  But where exactly did I pack them in the “I’ll get to it later box”?

Once in the mighty little town of  Doughterty Oklahoma, my husband and I stopped at a gas station which is also the mini-mart, or quite possibly the only grocery store in town, and also serves as the towns’s laundermat.  Inside upon a shelf above the door I found dusty boxes of flash cubes for sale.  Yes, those little square flash cubes we used in the 70’s that you stuck on that 110 camera body.   Oh how I wish I still had that little camera.   I regret not buying all those boxes that evening.  I went in to buy a lithium battery.  Do you think they carried those?  Not hardly, but they had all the gear one  needs for hunting coons. 

I shall keep my eyes peeled for funky little cameras and old film for the sake of my collection and also to conduct some experiments.  I wonder if Walmart even develops 110 these days?  I have most of my large format film developed at Arlington Camera these days.  Living in small town America does not afford me much in terms of the “unusual”.

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One response to “Words only

  1. Wes

    November 26, 2008 at 8:38 am

    The only expiration date I pay attention to is the one stamped on my bottom


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