Saint Jo, Texas

01 Feb

Everyone in the hair salon is related to someone in Saint Jo.  My hairdresser’s kids have friends there and they all were on their way in for hair cuts.  The shop owner next door who came in for her  nails has a sister in Saint Jo.   There are church members who have a cousin, brother, aunt, or dad who lives in Saint Jo.  There are only about a thousand people in this small Texas town and I must have met half of them at some function or another in my town about an hour away.  And there’ s not muchwhere I live but horse ranches.   

Saint Jo is a quaint little town and it is one I never tire driving through.  People are very friendly.  A couple of times I had my cameras in my hands and one antique store owner thought I was from the Dallas Morning News.   He wanted to share his life story with me.  Unfortunately I had not enough time.

Located in  Montague County, Saint Jo was founded in 1849 and is the oldest in the county.   I’ve taken many road trips along the 82 and I always have to stop even if at the Sonic to enjoy a cold coke on a warm summer afternoon. 

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